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Affiliate Program

The Affiliate program has three parts; locations, professionals and software:

buy 20 mg cialis eli lilly fast delivery buy boniva prescription online Locations: Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence with valid diplomas to host events  BFE Center of Excellence

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Professionals: local Experts and instructors

BFE Local Expert Local experts and instructors with valid diplomas

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Software : BFE Suites

BFE Regional InstructorBFE Suites for specific applications with technical support.

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To stay in the program participants are required to be re-tested annually.

The goal of the program is to attest to their qualification to educate and train other professionals and encourages the local experts and instructors to seek a higher level of certification (e.g. BCIA). If anyone wishes to provide certification for s/b including yourself, then it is necessary to have a valid BFE affliate program dipoma.

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